Arab Towns with healthy, pollution-free environments and aware, involved societies


Working together to preserve the natural and urban environments and protect them from pollution in the shadow of sustainable development
img Peace, mercy and blessings of God The aim of this site is to be an Arab platform for exchanging information, experiences and experiences among Arab cities as a whole for the Arab experience and experience of significance, similarity and applicability in other Arab cities, hence the importance of developing communication mechanisms, transferring knowledge and developing techniques to serve Arab communication. This will not be achieved without cooperation, positive participation and collective contribution to our goal of making knowledge accessible to all, one of the objectives of the Environment Center for Arab Cities
H.E. Dawood Al Hajri

Chairman of the Environmental Centre for Arab Towns

img Many of the obstacles to achieving sustainable development in the Arab city are due to the lack of information and guidance that represent a map of the way forward, which shows us where we are from what is happening in the world of continuous improvement and sustainability at the level of strategic planning systems for development and projects and initiatives applied. The site should be a new addition to the portals and the Arab efforts in supporting the exchange of information and facilitate its storage and making it available to readers, researchers and decision makers through the creation of new sections and sections, the most important pages of Arab cities and the participation of Arab experts and the availability of learning platforms For young explorers ... We hope that we have succeeded in providing our viewers useful for the Arab development process


The centre aims to fulfill its vision and mission based on the following values:
Participant: Effective contribution to provide environmental solutions to address the needs of Arab towns
Knowledge: Acquiring, developing, and sharing knowledge in the environmental field.
Partnership: Constructive and productive cooperation with all parties concerned in the aim of improving environmental practices in Arab towns.
Innovation & Appreciation: Spread the spirit of creativity and excellence through the adoption and implementation of constructive environmental projects in Arab towns.